Original fender reinforcement plate on a Rene Herse. Photo courtesy of 27th Letter on flickr

Stainless hardware and leather washer included for clean installation

AT fender reinforcement plate mounted on a Velo Orange Zeppelin fender

NEW! The AT fender reinforcement plate version 2.0 is here. Same design, dimensions, thickness and mirror finish as the original, but now made from stainless steel.

Reduces stress fatigue where the fender mounts to the brake bridge. It is inspired by an old French design. These were popular on the French constructeur bikes, and some current builders fabricate these plates from scratch for their own fender installations.

Waterjet-cut from stainless steel. Curved in two dimensions so it wraps around a typical fender relieved of stress (you may have to adjust the curvature by hand slightly for different fenders). Polished to a mirror finish. Pre-drilled for M3 mounting bolts and an M5 bridge bolt.

Comes with two M3 stainless slotted bolts with flat washers, star washers and nylock nuts, and a leather washer for use at the bridge.

Made in USA. $19 USD