Finally back in stock! The AT fender taillight returns with version 2.0! Same classic taillight, now with key "under the hood" improvements to make this version even better than the original.

The AT fender taillight is a classically inspired generator-powered fender taillight made from milled aluminum and encompassing state of the art electronics. The idea for this light came from the lack of attractive yet durable, high-quality taillights worthy of fine custom-built bicycles. There are plenty of taillights on the market, but they are all made from plastic, and often crack from getting hit.

The AT fender taillight features the excellent Busch & Müller Seculite Plus circuitry with bright red LED emitter, voltage regulation (won't burn out if powered without a headlight) and powerful standlight (illuminates at full brightness for several minutes after stopping). The housing is compact and elegantly shaped from CNC-milled 6061 aluminum. It is available in brushed or mirror-polished finish (see photos for comparison). The LED lens is also a reflector, so the taillight meets legal requirements -- most state bicycle laws require a rear-facing red reflector. The lens extends slightly past the rear edge of the housing to provide side illumination.

Installs with a single M6 nut. Compatible with metal and plastic fenders. Easy one-wire hookup (for plastic fenders, you will need to run a short grounding strip to a nearby metal attachment point). Comes with all necessary hardware and seven feet of our premium wire for a full frame run. Our premium wire meets military aircraft specification, abrasion resistant and super thin, which makes it suitable for routing through tight spaces like the fender's rolled edge and inside the bottom bracket shell. Check out our other installation hardware for integrated lighting here.

The AT fender taillight is 100% waterproof (and in fact can be submerged underwater), has been tested to withstand the harshest environments, and is easy to install. And despite being milled from a solid piece of aluminum, it weighs only 51g; that's the same weight as a stock B&M Seculite Plus with plastic housing.

If installing on a plastic fender, a grounding strip is needed between the mounting stud and the nearest metal-to-frame contact.

Made in USA. 3 year warranty.

Polished finish:  $128 USD

Brushed finish:  $118 USD

Installation instructions