​Installs on the fender with two M3 mounting bolts and a custom laser-cut under-fender reinforcement plate ( all hardware included) to minimize stress risers. Also comes with a brass shim for use with Schmidt, Supernova and B&M IQ-X lights. Note: the mount works best when the fender is supported by a front rack or additional fender stay attached within a few inches behind the mount. Not recommended for plastic fenders or unsupported metal fenders.

Made in USA. $38 USD

The AT headlight mount is a small mount that allows you to securely attach the Schmidt Edelux, the Supernova E3, and several Busch & Müller headlight models (Cyo, Eyc, IQ-X) on the front fender. It is made from CNC-milled 6061 aluminum, and polished to a mirror finish. The mount and headlight sit centered on the fender, and the underside of the mount is contoured to fit most 40-60mm wide fenders (40mm and 52mm fenders shown below). The mount has two forked lobes that hold the headlight firmly on both sides of the headlight's mounting tab using the headlight's own mounting bolt. The headlight can pivot for proper aiming without loosening the mounting bolt, and the bolt will not loosen from pivoting the headlight. The mount is designed to allow the wiring to be routed two ways: either through the bottom of the mount and through the fender (fender grommet is included), concealing the wire from view, or to the side of the mount if external routing along a rack is preferred.