Busch & Muller wire

The same wiring that comes with Busch & Muller headlights and taillights. This economical twin-conductor flat wire has 2.8mm female crimp terminals pre-fastened on one end, making hookup to Busch & Muller headlights and taillights with built-in 2.8mm male spade terminals quick and easy.

$4 USD per 6-foot length only. Not sold in longer lengths.

Schmidt coaxial wire

This is the same 2-conductor coaxial wire that comes preinstalled on Schmidt Edelux headlights. It's a great choice to use between the generator hub and other headlights, but it doesn't work well when routed inside of a fork leg or for routing to a taillight, due to its 3mm O.D. Best when used with external wire guides.

$6 USD per 4-foot length only. Not sold in longer lengths.

Currently out of stock.

Corrosion-resistant banana connectors


These banana connectors are only 2mm in diameter, so they're very discreet. But don't let their size fool you: these connectors provide a very firm and positive connection. For solder connections to wire only. Cannot be crimped.

$2 USD per male-female pair

4.8mm female spade connectors

These crimp connectors fit the 4.8mm male spade terminals on Schmidt generator hubs. Includes two terminals and two pieces of shrink tubing.

$2 USD

2.8mm female spade connectors

These crimp connectors fit the 2.8mm male spade terminals built into Busch & Muller headlights and taillights. Includes two terminals and two pieces of shrink tubing-- everything needed to make a proper connection to these lights using the wiring of your choice.

$2 USD

Premium 22AWG wire

This wire meets US military aircraft specification. The black jacket is composed of two unique layers of special cross-linked polymer for super abrasion resistance and high temperature tolerance. The polymer jacket is also thinner than most others (wire O.D. is only 1.1mm), enabling this wire to be routed through tight passages, such as fender rolled edges, frame vent holes, and around bottom bracket cartridges. Perfect for routing to taillights and to a stem mounted switch. The 22AWG wire size is sufficient to handle any bicycle generator device load.

$1 USD per foot, sold in 6-foot increments

Velo Lumino sells the same wiring and terminals that come with our products, as well as other installation hardware we use on our custom installations, to allow you to take on your own wiring and installation projects. For any of our installation products, we recommend that you are comfortable with wire cutting, stripping and soldering. Figure out what you need below, then click on the Purchase link at the top of the page.

Shrink tubing

Thin-walled shrink tubing provides very tough strain relief and abrasion protection. 2.4mm O.D. before shrinking fits our banana terminals and wiring perfectly. 6" is enough to cover four pair of banana connectors. Can also be used where grommets won't fit or anywhere the wire is vulnerable to abrasion.

$1 USD each 6" length

Shimano dynamo hub connector

The proprietary two-piece snap-fit Shimano hub connector works on all Shimano and Shutter Precision dynamo hubs. Two-piece connector firmly engages bare stripped wire, and snaps onto the hub terminals. If you have a Shimano or SP dynamo wheel that you want to swap between bikes, you'll need a connector for each bike.

$4 USD each

Neoprene grommets

The same grommets you see used in all of Velo Lumino's installations. Essential for preventing chafing at sharp intersections, such as at fenders and frame tubes, and for preventing water entry. They fit up to 3mm O.D. wire, and require a 6mm hole for mounting.

$1 USD each

Complete Installation kit

Contact us about putting together a custom installation kit for your bike, tailored to your choice of components. We'll help you choose the right wire, the right terminals and anything else you'll need to do a complete installation on your specific bike.