Velo Lumino is pleased to sell the entire line of Shutter Precision dynamo hubs.  These hubs are powerful, lightweight, efficient and reliable. They come in versions optimized for large or small wheels, rim brakes or disc brakes, and in different anodized colors. All meet German StVZO standards. Use the guide below to decipher the model names to determine the best model for your needs. Once you know which hub you need, click on "Purchase" from the menu bar above to take you to the Velo Lumino webstore. From there you can select the hub, spoke count and color configuration. All hubs drop-ship direct from Taiwan, we don't carry physical stock. Shipping will take 2-3 weeks without tracking, but is FREE anywhere in the world! Just enter code "SPHUB" at checkout. (For orders outside the US, you can email us and request a PayPal invoice for the hub you want).

First letter:

"S" designates the 6V/2.4W version for small wheels. This hub is optimized for the faster rotational speeds of small wheels and generates a full 3W at faster speeds, but is smaller, lighter and has less rotational resistance than the 3W model. It still works fine with larger wheels, and is the recommended hub choice for randonneuring (this is the hub that I have on my 650B camping bike). Compare to the Schmidt SONdelux.

"P" designates the 6V/3W version for 700C wheels. This hub is designed for slower rotational speeds and is best used for slower, urban cycling or slow, loaded touring on 700C wheels. Compare to the Schmidt SON 28.

Second letter:

"V" designates the rim brake version

"D" designates the six hole disc brake version

"L" designates the center lock disc brake version


8 designates the original series of hubs

9 designates the newest, smallest and lightest series, currently available in the SV-9 and SL-9 models. The 9 series are the lightest, smallest hub dynamos out there!


"FB" is for folding bikes. They come with a 74mm O.L.D. and 7.9mm diameter axle.

"BQR" is for Birdy folding bikes. They have a 74mm O.L.D. and are made for 6-hole disc brakes

"X" is for extreme. Built for extreme mtb conditions. 15mm thru-axle design. Available in PD-8X only.


Models and prices (click on model name for full wheel build info, or consult the spec chart at the bottom of this page):

32H Black and Silver $120
20H, 24H, 28H Black and Silver $125

32H Black and Silver $130


32H Black $135

28H Black and silver $135

SV-8-FB (74mm O.L.D.)
20H Silver $120
28H Red $125

SV-9-FB (74mm O.L.D.)
28H Black and Silver $135

SD-8 (Six hole disc brake)
32H Black and Silver $130
20H, 24H, 28H Black and Silver $135

SD-8-BQR (74mm O.L.D. and six-hole disc brake)
32H Silver $120

32H Black and Silver $125
32H Red $130
20H, 24H, 28H, 36H Black and Silver $130
36H Red $130

PD-8 (Six hole disc brake)
32H Black and Silver $130
32H Red $135
20H, 24H, 28H, 36H Black and Silver $135
36H Red $135

PD-8X (six hole disc brake, 15mm thru axle)

32H, 36H Black and Silver $205

PL-8 (Center lock disc brake)
32H, 36H Black and Silver $145

PD-7 (Switchable hub dynamo)
36H Black and Silver $195

Electrical connection instructions

All SP hub dynamos come with a full two year limited warranty against manufacturer defect beginning from the date of purchase. SP stands behind their products and will repair or replace free of charge products found to be defective. High-mileage users are particularly valued customers and hubs that have not suffered a defect, but simply have worn bearings due to extensive use, can be sent back to the manufacturer for new bearings free of charge within the two year warranty period (customer pays for two way postage). Similar service after the warranty period is available for a reasonable USD 30.00 (the amount includes the return postage).