The PlugNut Fender Mount is a novel solution for securely attaching a metal fender under the fork crown, while maximizing the clearance between fender and tire. The PlugNut is designed to be pressed into the lower (butted) end of a 1” (25.4mm) diameter steel steerer tube. When properly installed, the PlugNut is flush with the bottom of the crown, and supports a threaded 5mm socket located on the steerer centerline. The PlugNut eliminates the need for a fender bracket or daruma bolt. Once pressed in place, the PlugNut is permanent and non-removable. The PlugNut can also be easily drilled to accommodate a brake bolt or a rack through the crown's brake hole. There are two holes on either side of the threaded boss that provide drainage, as well as compatibility for wiring a TMAT stem switch.

There are strict limits on the ID of the host steerer, as spelled out in the Installation Instructions. Please note that the PlugNut is a one-shot component, and it is not to be removed and installed a second time.

Installation of the PlugNut requires some diligence on your part to prepare the inside surface of the steerer tube, about 2cm in from the lower end of the tube. That end of the steerer is prone to being coated with stuff (paint, rust, mud, roadkill) which you must remove, and possibly even leftovers (brass, pins) from the builder. You must be prepared to scrub everything down to metal before installing the PlugNut.

Before purchasing this item, we ask that you download the PlugNut Installation Instructions and view the companion installation video. Please make sure that the host bike has the dimensions that are specified, and that you are prepared to carry out the installation process as described.

And in case you are wondering about the strength of the PlugNut, view this short video of destructive testing with a simulated aluminum fender.

Made in USA. $22 USD